DuBois & DuBois, P.C. also has a substantial practice in the family law area. The attorneys in the firm are experienced in divorce and separation, custody and child support matters, guardianship and conservatorship cases and adoption proceedings. In addition, our attorneys represent children in juvenile court proceedings. In divorce and separation matters, the firm strives to help the client dissolve the relationship in as amicable an atmosphere as possible. Our attorneys make a special effort to protect the children during what is often a very difficult time for them. If the client wants to attempt to save the marriage, we can refer the parties to marriage counselors and other professionals for counseling. While the goal of the firm is to resolve all domestic relations matters as amicably as possible, the firm's attorneys do everything legally and ethically possible to prevent a spouse from taking unfair advantage of our client. The law requires a fair and equitable divisions of assets and liabilities, and DuBois & DuBois, P.C. makes a special effort to see that this occurs.